Why All the Hate Over the New Flyers Jersey?

Yesterday the Flyers unveiled the long-awaited 50th Anniversary jersey.  My initial reaction was pleasant surprise.  Yes, it features a lot of gold (gasp!).   But the gold stands out nicely against the cool white surrounded by the familiar Flyers orange.  My first thought was creamsicle….in a good way.  The jersey looks new, fresh, and different.  Not just another boring variation of the same jersey over and over again. 

But apparently I am in the minority.  Based on the overwhelming reaction of Flyers fans on social media, the new jersey is a big dislike.  Apparently, people are very unhappy about the gold.  And they keep making references to the hated Penguins, as if the Penguins own the color.  Never mind the fact that, at least according to my eyes, it is a totally different tone of gold.  One fan on Twitter photo shopped the new jersey, changing the gold to orange.  I thought it looked only a little different than the gold, and a 100% more boring.  But apparently some fans are more comfortable sticking to orange and black.

In my mind, this jersey unveiling at the One Liberty Observation Deck (great location for such an event) signaled the cutting of the ribbon on the 2016-17 Flyers season, which celebrates the team’s 50th Anniversary.  (Symbolized by the color gold.)  The season is upon us.  It’s World Cup, training camp, pre-season, then bam…the regular season starts.  So I was thrilled to see Flyers hockey news front and center yesterday.  And I will be putting one of those jerseys on my back my next visit to Wells Fargo Center.